** little_Frieda Appears from out of nowhere **

LadyMustapha: Omygoodness, where did you come from???

little_Frieda: nowhere

LadyMustapha: Neato

little_Frieda: yep

LadyMustapha: As we get closer to chat time, I'm gonna be both in this room and in the old one. I want to be able to tell people how to get here, if they go there by mistake.

little_Frieda: good Idea

LadyMustapha: I thot so

LadyMustapha: Hey, maybe it'd be a really good idea to have you doing the copy/paste too, because sometimes people get booted off, and if that happens to me, I won't be able to copy stuff down.

LilaOlupe: Hey

LadyMustapha: Hey, baby, how ya doing?

little_Frieda: will do though I don't know how long I get to stay in the chat

LadyMustapha: Did you have any trouble getting here?

LilaOlupe: Not goos... very sick... I'm afraid I'm just here to tell you I can't make it. Sorry!

LadyMustapha: Oh no! That's not good! Get better, okay?

little_Frieda: that not good at all

LilaOlupe: OK Thanks... Hey, my little sis might show up...say hi to her for me...Please

LadyMustapha: I'll keep an eye out for her. Any idea what nick she'll use?

little_Frieda: K'

LilaOlupe: Bye...*sad wave*

LilaOlupe: no idea

little_Frieda: bye

LadyMustapha: Take care, get better soon, like before your wedding, okay?

LilaOlupe: I told her yours, though

** little_Frieda waves back **

LilaOlupe: thanks.. bye

LadyMustapha:Magnifico is on his way. I found him in the other chatroom.

Magnifico: hoho

little_Frieda: do you want me copy the stuff that is said before the chat

LadyMustapha:Greetings! Welcome to the new chatroom!

little_Frieda: welcome Magnifico

LadyMustapha: Yeah, start making your transcription now. Get as much as you can, and I reckon we all will do that, and then we'll compare notes when it's all over.

Magnifico: okay this is going to drive me nuts ... hehe

LadyMustapha: What? Anything in particular?

little_Frieda: k'

Magnifico: I'm just used to muds is all

little_Frieda: do tell

LadyMustapha: By the way, I would have written you back via email, but I figured we could talk about the site here instead. I like your ideas

little_Frieda: muds?

Magnifico: multi-user dungeons... on line games

little_Frieda: oh I see

LadyMustapha:Never been to one, but I've heard of them......

Magnifico: thanks

LadyMustapha:So, is driving you nuts a bad thing or a good thing?

Magnifico: well in a bad way, but I don't want to complain here, wrong forum

LadyMustapha:We could go to the old chatroom............ ;-)

Magnifico: so how many folks turned out for Dave Adams chat?

little_Frieda: how so?

LadyMustapha: We had about 8 that night. Nice number without being overwhelming, I think.....

little_Frieda: I did

little_Frieda: shazam popped in for a little bit

Magnifico: yeah, I'm guessing that ZBS fandom isn't very large, alas

little_Frieda: any minute now

LadyMustapha: We had Inky, and Crystalopus, and me, Frieda, Shazam, Mr. Adams (of course), .......... who else......... I'll think of it.......

LadyMustapha: Several thousand nationwide is pretty small, yeah.......

Magnifico: I found a picture of Dave Adams on the web... very Mojo-ish

jackf: hello

LadyMustapha: He is, isn't he? Sounds like he looks!

LadyMustapha: Jack! Is that you?

Magnifico: Greetings

little_Frieda: I wouldn't know

jackf: yes

jackf: hello everyone

LadyMustapha: Okay, that was a dumb question, wasn't it?

little_Frieda: hello Jack

LadyMustapha: Welcome! Did you have any difficulty finding us?

jackf: hey Frieda

jackf: so, what's everybody wearing? just kidding

LadyMustapha: :-)

LadyMustapha: Just my turban and robes, as usual.......

Magnifico: hehe, okay so we shall bombard you with questions?

jackf: nYC is under snow tonight just got in here

little_Frieda: I put my hair up Into pigtails in honor of the chat

LadyMustapha: Let the bombarding begin, I think.......

little_Frieda: yippe

jackf: ask away

Magnifico: Meatball said that Jack is sort of his alter-ego... but in the later stories

LadyMustapha: Frieda, can I light your cigar for you?

Magnifico: jack is more mature and mellowed out

jackf: than what?

Magnifico: so how much of Jack is you and how much is it Tom?

little_Frieda: yes please

jackf: well I never really thought about that

jackf: i don't really think of tom as jack

jackf: mainly because it seems so organic when we get into the studio

Magnifico: organic?

jackf: yes i never have to work at it

little_Frieda: that what I was wondering too

jackf: jack is just waiting there when we start never fails me

little_Frieda: which adventure was your favorite to work on?

jackf: he's always very inhabitable, if that's a word

jackf: what's your favorite LF

little_Frieda: I think it is

LadyMustapha: It is now, I guess......

jackf: well i love the first 4th tower because it was the first

jackf: and because tom left in some of the outtakes

Magnifico: so it is easy to be Jack, how easy is it to pretend to be in Morocco, or Bali, ...

little_Frieda: so far it would have to be the incredible adventures

Magnifico: oh that prompts an interesting question

jackf: that was very brave of him

LadyMustapha: I love the surrealism of Incredible Adventures. (As if the others weren't surreal? Nevermind.)

jackf: go mag

arisian: You sound like it did click - at the beginning, when you talk to auntie, it's kind of stilted.

Magnifico: so like in FT when Jack and Lady Jowls is talking, and Jack ad-libs he can do without going through highschool again, that's you!

Magnifico: right?

LadyMustapha: Arisian! Welcome back!

jackf: yes little frieda i loved that green chair lots of fun feeling that fabric

Magnifico: I think Valarie slips and says something like oh you changed the line -- not fair!

jackf: it sounds like me - and jack

little_Frieda: I haven't heard all of the stories yet though

LadyMustapha: I thought she said it was fair........ different ears, different perspective......

arisian: But right away, as soon as Eenie Meenie hits the water - it's so smooth ...

Magnifico: yes, true

jackf: the greatest fun is when she says laboratory - in a screwy way - and we let some time pass and then crack up

LadyMustapha: The out-takes were classy!

Magnifico: yeah

Magnifico: yes, it makes it endearing

little_Frieda: Lady Mustapha has a big green overstuffed chair that I love to sit in

LadyMustapha: I'd love to hear more of them.....

jackf: trying to hold back - i can relive that moment so vividly - even though it was a long time ago

arisian: In 'Incredible Adventures' - when you're tap dancing, is that an 'in' joke?

Magnifico: so from what i understand, your introduction to ZBS and being JF was through Valarie Mamches?

jackf: it must have been

jackf: my my - now how do you know that mag?

jackf: yes valerie and i met as actors - doing a tour of Macbeth down south

Magnifico: well, I think i read that somewhere

jackf: she was lady M, I play a combination of Angus and Lennox - I called him annex

Magnifico: probably in one of the three issues of Zounds that ZBS put out early 90s

jackf: bad joke ?

Magnifico: very jacklike =)

jackf: getting back to your question - i like dreams of india very much

LadyMustapha: The chase scene in the palace was neat

little_Frieda: I have yet to hear that one

jackf: there's a scene on a flying carpet - that really carried me away - literally - i read the script cold - only one take - and that's what you hear - it was coming from someplace with

jackf: me or jack - i cant say

little_Frieda: wowie zowie

arisian: I've been looking for pink pelican beer, haven't found it yet.

Magnifico: are scripts usually done in full when you get them or do you and the other actors get to tinker with them to tune them for your character?

jackf: tom is always very generous and lets me -or jack - rewrite on the spot - he encourages it in fact

arisian: But I did try chicken vindaloo - great stuff! Thanks for the tip!

jackf: we rehearse when we record in nYC - mainly because its more sensible that way to work the kinks out - and then we go to the studio

Magnifico: in fort edward?

jackf: up at zbs - its more in the studio - because we have the luxury of having our own place there

LadyMustapha: Froggy Acres........

jackf: yes fort edward -

Magnifico: ahh the frogs again...

jackf: en there in 10 years - we went back this summer for return to inverness - very fitting

LadyMustapha: What sort of projects do you work on outside of ZBS?

little_Frieda: In the Forth Tower what was it like when you meet the Madonna

arisian: Have you done any recording with the fritz head - like in 'Rio', in the mask?

Magnifico: what happened that caused PJ Orte's absence from the stories?

LadyMustapha: Well, that was a bombardment, wasn't it???

jackf: im a writer - lyricist and i also produce and edit videos - also do voiceovers

little_Frieda: yep

jackf: the Madonna is a real treat - mainly because Laura is such a good actress

LadyMustapha: Music videos?

Magnifico: is the voiceover voice the same one you use for JF?

little_Frieda: neat

jackf: corporate videos mostly

jackf: sorry to be so commercial

jackf: no jacks voice is his own

Magnifico: it would be really eerie to be in training some where and here JF... hehehe

LadyMustapha: Get this: he's apologizing to us??? :-)

Magnifico: ahh whew!

jackf: my best known commercial is - share the fantasy - chanel no 5

little_Frieda: that is a bit of a shock

Magnifico: grin, not really ZBS truly is not for profit

jackf: why

little_Frieda: ;-)

Magnifico: it seems from listening that you and the others do it for the love of doing it

little_Frieda: why what?

jackf: yes xits truly been a labor of love

LadyMustapha: But the real world is not, so ............

little_Frieda: Xits??????

Magnifico: so do strange women walk up to you in restaurants?

Magnifico: chuckles.

jackf: why a bit of a shock?

I think that was a typo

jackf: i live in new york there are strange people everywhere

little_Frieda: that you would be a apologizing to us

jackf: no noone knows im jack

LadyMustapha: Strangers walk up to me in restaurant all the time, but I'm usually in medieval costume when they do........

jackf: oh i see

little_Frieda: Be right Back

Magnifico: so do you know why pj disappeared from the stories?

** little_Frieda Disappears for a moment **

arisian: For a while, Meatball was putting singing in his stories. Would you want to try that, as Jack?

LadyMustapha: Speak of the devil..........

jackf: she was just so obnoxious, we couldn't work with her

jackf: im kidding

LadyMustapha: Really? She sure can act sweet........... guess she's better at acting than at interpersonal communications?

Magnifico: chuckle

LadyMustapha: D**n the timing on this chatroom!

jackf: bursting balloons all over the place

** little_Frieda reappears from out of no where **

arisian: How hard is it for Dave to do the harelip thing, does it take a lot of takes?

Magnifico: the working with Dave Adams is then pretty good, it seems your two characters click

jackf: no she's actually back in return to inverness

little_Frieda: Mustapha I know what you mean

LadyMustapha: Naah, my balloons burst years ago.........

Magnifico: Dave Herman, arisian?

LadyMustapha: Most of us knew that.......

arisian: yeah, dr. mazoola

jackf: oh yes Dave is always right there mojo he means, right

little_Frieda: knew what?

Magnifico: that LF is back in return

LadyMustapha: Let it go, LF.............

little_Frieda: Oh ok

little_Frieda: k'

LadyMustapha: Yeah, that too.......

jackf: so what else do you wanna know

Magnifico: how did stars-n-stuff come into being, and Flash Felix?

jackf: i wasn't the first jack

jackf: i mean someone else was hired for the job

little_Frieda: really?

Magnifico: huh, wha?

jackf: but he couldn't do it

jackf: and valarie asked if i was interested in going up to fort edward for a weekend and auditioning

Magnifico: obviously =)

Magnifico: by that i mean how could anyone else be Jack?

jackf: i said no - imagine if i went up and auditioned - and they didn't like me - and i had to spend the rest of thee weekend with people who had rejected me

LadyMustapha: It's hard to imagine..........

arisian: I'm glad you turned out to get the role - it's so smooth ...

LadyMustapha: Yikes!

jackf: so i told tom id audition over the phone - it is radio after all - he agreed - and that's how jack and i got together

Magnifico: were you part of their scene or more of an outside?

Magnifico: outsider

jackf: arisian - cant read the green font

arisian: Just playing around, sorry ...

LadyMustapha: He said I'm glad you turned out to get the role- it's so smooth

little_Frieda: I am so glad that it's not just me that can't read it

Magnifico: So do you have clever sayings on your business card? hehe

jackf: i dint know anyone up there - but jack fell right into place for me when i got there - it was sort of a commune in those days - and i was very new york - so the contrast work great

jackf: sorry my typing is so bad

LadyMustapha: Why did I just get a picture in my head of Joel Fleischman from Northern Exposure?

Magnifico: no problem boss

jackf: the blue font is even worse

little_Frieda: yes it is

jackf: i mean arisian's

LadyMustapha: I agree with Jack, Inky. Use something darker, please?

LadyMustapha: He likes to play with the colors........

Magnifico: it seems like it would work great for the first two stories, where you are meeting the others Jack is really an outsider in Inverness and in Morocco

little_Frieda: what is it like to play Jack?

little_Frieda: be right back my tea is up

jackf: well, easy for the most part - i don't really play him like i said - he's just there

Magnifico: do you have Jack moments then in real life?

LadyMustapha: Don't worry about LF, her mother is Lady Jowls.......

jackf: its strange and im not trying to be coy

jackf: ut jack is a part of me - or vice versa -

LadyMustapha: Leonard Nimoy mentioned the same phenomenon

jackf: we were destined to meet

LadyMustapha: Don't worry about freaking us out - we're not executives

jackf: now that sounds like jack

arisian: Sigh - why do they provide so many colors?

arisian: when most of them don't work ...

LadyMustapha: I don't provide them, dear. This chatroom, like the last one, is free, and they come pre-equipped with colors.

Magnifico: so how do friends, family, colleagues see you and Jack?

Magnifico: or do you keep it as a secret so to speak?

LadyMustapha: Oops. I read too fast. I don't know why They provide them

little_Frieda: I'm back

jackf: where are you all?

LadyMustapha: Jack: I'm honored.......... by the comparison ...........

LadyMustapha: I'm in Montana

Magnifico: I'm in Boulder, Colorado (grew up in St. Paul MN)

jackf: well its no secret - but i once had a friend who was a big fan - and we knew each other for over two years

jackf: then one night at dinner with other friends, he started talking about this show he listens to - of course it was jack - and when i told him i play jack - he thought i was nuts

arisian: Georgia here - first heard Jack in Houston.

jackf: didn't believe me

LadyMustapha: Tom mentioned you were a little fan-shy.

jackf: montana wow never been there

LadyMustapha: It's kind of like the descriptions in Land of Enchantment

jackf: i love entertaining people and i also hate calling attention to myself - a real split personality

LadyMustapha: Did you finally convince your friend?

little_Frieda: Ok here is a really silly sounding question Jack are you having fun chatting with us?

Magnifico: well Jack is, in a way, a little more than entertainment, he is also a bit of a hero

little_Frieda: I know I am having fun chatting with you

jackf: Colorado such great sounding places

jackf: thanks little frieda yes

Magnifico: Where would you like Jack to travel to next?

little_Frieda: glad to hear it I like to see that the guest of honor is happy

jackf: that's what i always liked about jack - he was never really into changing the world - as much as seeing it - into it

LadyMustapha: I always hoped Jack would come visit the Wild West, but that's because that's where I am........

LadyMustapha: Or Ireland would be neat

little_Frieda: same hear

jackf: im more jaded than jack - although some of that creeps into jack on occasion - but he is still wide eyed - and i am grateful for that

little_Frieda: here

jackf: jack out west hmmmm

jackf: convince tom to let jack go to egypt - a favorite place of mine

LadyMustapha: Lots of mysticism out here for him to explore........

jackf: jack would love egypt

arisian: Seems to us that New York is exotic, too - are you from there?

LadyMustapha: Yeah, Aegypt would be neato.

jackf: new jersey actually- how that for exotic

little_Frieda: for sure

jackf: but i came to NY very young did my grad work at Columbia

LadyMustapha: In what?

jackf: oh god - theatre - speech

LadyMustapha: Just checking ;-)

Magnifico: What projects are you currently working on?

Magnifico: LadyMustapha said you were working late

jackf: just finished a truly boring video tonight for mcgraw hill publishers

little_Frieda: on what?

jackf: but im with Christy Turlington now on a video that's a lot of fun

Magnifico: Any lyricist work recently?

jackf: working with - do you guys know who she is

little_Frieda: I don't think so

Magnifico: is she the model?

Magnifico: or a photographer?

Magnifico: hrmm or a designer... i don't know for certain

Magnifico: er know

jackf: supermodel

Magnifico: okay no clue =)

Magnifico: ahh... more strange women...

jackf: yes

Magnifico: my wife is very impressed

jackf: but no lyrics lately - i keep threatening to go back to the theatre

jackf: you never know

Magnifico: are you surprised JF has lasted all these years?

jackf: getting an error signal

LadyMustapha: Uh oh

jackf: jack just goes on - i always smile when tom calls or emails me

arisian: It's funny - people complain about the 'Jacks' not being 'classical stories

arisian: with no beginning, middle or end

LadyMustapha: Ever since I heard my first radio drama (Incredible Adventures, it was.....), I've been fascinated by the medium. What's it like to work in front of a mic instead of an audience?

jackf: that's right

arisian: but the one that does, dreams of bali - doesn't seem to be anyone's favorite

LadyMustapha: I liked the talking hamburgers.......

Magnifico: the later ones haven

jackf: there something very intimate about working with a mike

Magnifico: er haven't had time to unseat the earlier ones and the radio play is less now

little_Frieda: talking hamburgers?????

jackf: hearing your own vice in the headphones - or jacks voice -

LadyMustapha: You'll love it, LF.........

little_Frieda: K

Magnifico: You mentioned earlier in incredible adventures about the chair

Magnifico: did Tom have you sitting in the chair?

little_Frieda: it got very quiet

little_Frieda: that's something that I was wondering to

arisian: Might be the site fading - anybody else have the display melting?

Magnifico: no

LadyMustapha: Is that from memory, Mag, or do you have a transcript?

arisian: Oh well - Hi Lila, how are you tonight?

LadyMustapha: Not me......... my display seems fine.....

little_Frieda: melting???

Magnifico: i don't have a transcript, I'm sorry I'm just having fun

Magnifico: its late in NYC

LadyMustapha: Mine's already 10 pages long........

LadyMustapha: Yes, it is getting late.

little_Frieda: Jack are you still here???

LadyMustapha: Is

LadyMustapha: inky still here /

arisian: Guess not - he did mention an error signal - maybe his PC went down.

LadyMustapha: Woah! That didn't work, I can't type with one hand. Is Inky still here?

little_Frieda: oh dear

arisian: Arisian tonight please - I'm in mufti.

LadyMustapha: Yikes! last thing Jack said was: jackf: hearing your own vice in the headphones - or jacks voice -

LadyMustapha: Sorry, Ar.........

arisian: Trivia question: do you know where 'arisian' comes from?

LadyMustapha: Not off the top of my head. Tell

little_Frieda: wow

arisian: Just checking, it's from classic science fiction.

arisian: seems sad, that it's available, but inky isn't

little_Frieda: cool

LadyMustapha: Nope, I did not know that. Yeah, I was hoping to use my usual nick- Mustapha, but had to settle for Lady M instead

little_Frieda: yes it does

arisian: and my screen is melting - all the words are double, triple, off ...

Magnifico: my name is both classic Asimov and ZBS

little_Frieda: I was lucky then

Magnifico: Well I guess Jack was swallowed by the mist

LadyMustapha: This is not good. We seem to have lost Jack, and Arisian has been melting all evening. Do you think we should keep this chatroom or use the old one?

little_Frieda: Mustapha do you think Jack will be coming back???

Magnifico: i could offer to write you up one

Magnifico: that would have autologging

LadyMustapha: I don't know, LF, I don't know what happened to him. It could just be his bedtime, for all I know.......

Magnifico: what type of computers do you use macs? windows?

LadyMustapha: I think you just did offer, Magnifico.......... :-)

Magnifico: I'll see what I can do

LadyMustapha: I have a PC with Windows

little_Frieda: if that what it is wouldn't one think that he would say good bye or something?

LadyMustapha: Hewlett Packard, Windows 98, if that info is at all useful......

LadyMustapha: You would think so. I honestly don't know what happened, dear.

Magnifico: nah just the OS, the issue is how primitive of a client you folks can tolerate

Magnifico: hehe

Magnifico: so LM, how'd you get ZBS interested in the Whirlitzer?

arisian: windows 98 for me too.

LadyMustapha: Me, I know very little about computers besides how to turn them on.

little_Frieda: maybe he fell asleep at the computer

arisian: Lady M, how come the backdrop is the same blue as your site?

LadyMustapha: I emailed them to ask why didn't they have a discussion forum. They wrote me back and said "because we don't know how to make one"

LadyMustapha: So I told them I'd do it for them, and then I learned how to

Magnifico: ahh there is that one on yahoo

LadyMustapha: This chatroom is very customizable. They made adding your own wallpaper an option, I used it.

Magnifico: another idea that just came to me is that we should try to review the non-Jack and non-Ruby stories and try to promote them

Magnifico: grin I turned off the wallpaper

LadyMustapha: I must have missed that one. So I'll ask the question: what one on yahoo?

arisian: That's neat! Good for you.

Magnifico: that is probably why everyone had trouble see cyan and green text

LadyMustapha: I like that idea, too, Magnifico

Magnifico: let me find a link

LadyMustapha: To do that, we need to find out who has which stories, sort of pool our resources

Magnifico: http:

Magnifico: oops

LadyMustapha: I've got Saratoga Springs, Dishpan Fantasy, Land of Enchantment

Magnifico: groups.yahoo.com/group/zbs

LadyMustapha: Yeah, most of them start that way........... '-)

arisian: I've done some looking around about 'Mist'

arisian: Lot of people like Mist, but don't know ZBS did it

Magnifico: for some reason I thought you were J.C. Beaudoin

arisian: And the binaural stories don't show up on amazon

Magnifico: it used to be egroups but yahoo bought them out

LadyMustapha: Oh, that one! That's an egroup, not a chatroom......... or do they have a chatroom there?

LadyMustapha: I'm registered there..........

Magnifico: egroups was purchased by yahoo

Magnifico: yeah there is

arisian: There is a chatroom associated with it - I've never used it.

LadyMustapha: Gee, I dunno where you'd get an idea like that, Magnifico.......

Magnifico: chuckle

LadyMustapha: I did not know that they had a chatroom. That's useful information.

Magnifico: the only thing is they don't have logging either

Magnifico: its like the old chat room

LadyMustapha: Are you

LadyMustapha: They?

Magnifico: they yahoo/egroups chat

arisian: Li'l Frieda - wake up!

LadyMustapha: Do you run the ZBS egroup, I meant?

little_Frieda: I am still here

Magnifico: no

arisian: LF, can I ask you a question?

arisian: Have you ever smoked a cigar?

LadyMustapha: Oh. Do you know who does? I'd hate to use someone's chatroom uninvited..........

little_Frieda: yes

Magnifico: I'm guessing the list owner, but moving there wouldn't gain you anything, it is just like your old chatgroup

little_Frieda: to answer your question no I have never smoked a cigar

arisian: The guy that does seems OK - want me to ask him?

Magnifico: impossible to log

LadyMustapha: Oh, right, you said. Well, the old group worked........ except for the logging. I videotaped the chat with Mojo! I'm still in the process of transcribing that one......

Magnifico: what we really need to do is unite our efforts

Magnifico: with such a small fanbase, it is bad to be splintered

arisian: Are you fixin to? The LF in the adventures makes it sound pretty special.

LadyMustapha: Well, Arisian, if it's the same as mine, what's the point? I'd love to visit with him, but it wouldn't be better or worse on his system........

little_Frieda: Lady Mustapha mama says that she need you to call her asap

Magnifico: how did you log tonight's chit-chat?

little_Frieda: nope

LadyMustapha: Here we is, united as we can get. I agree, we need to keep in close touch, and the internet seems to be the best way to do that.........

arisian: That's true.

Magnifico: well the only way that I know of

LadyMustapha: LF, is it a family emergency, or just whenever? I can go get the phone from next door, if she needs me right now

little_Frieda: for sure

LadyMustapha: Was that a yes or a no?

little_Frieda: she says it just SCA stuff

LadyMustapha: Oh, okay, so later tonight is okay?

little_Frieda: yes

Magnifico: well I should totter off, anything else LM?

LadyMustapha: For tonight's chat, Magnifico, I'm doing a copy/past into Word Perfect while we chat.

LadyMustapha: Does anyone want to set up another chat before next Wednesday's chat with Mojo?

LadyMustapha: Or is email sufficient for our purposes?

Magnifico: hrmm, sure

Magnifico: email is sufficent I think

little_Frieda: I am cool with whatever

Magnifico: if you have time it would be good to get the whole dave adams transcript on the site

arisian: Let's just watch out, about 8 E, on the old system ...

LadyMustapha: Okay. You've got my address, I've got yours. Let's work on some of these ideas for the site, okay?

LadyMustapha: I can do that, A, that's fine. Here, though, or in the old chatroom?

Magnifico: so people like me who missed the first one don't ask the same questions

arisian: Sounds righteous - Bye all! Thanks Lady M.

Magnifico: well the old one didn't lose dave like we lost robert

Magnifico: laters arisian

LadyMustapha: Yeah, I'm working on finishing the first Mojo chat. I've got about half of it up, and that's it. I have to watch the video, write it down by hand, and then type it up

LadyMustapha: and then transfer it to the net............ takes awhile.........

LadyMustapha: Bye, A!

little_Frieda: bye A

Magnifico: its too bad we can do this in audio, it would be great to get them on tape

LadyMustapha: I will try to get the transcript finished, but I'm really busy IRL these days. Moreso than a few weeks ago

LadyMustapha: That would be boss!!!

Magnifico: what do you do irl?

little_Frieda: yea it would

LadyMustapha: I know what we do: we send this transcript (script!) to ZBS, and they make a radio drama of it! Okay, that's silly, I know. I'm silly, what can I say

LadyMustapha: Society for Creative Anachronism - a non-profit educational organization that researches and recreates the middle ages

Magnifico: nod, didn't know one could earn a living at that

LadyMustapha: I don't, it's volunteer work, but I've given my word, and we're doing some intense projects right now. little_Frieda: I have to be going

Magnifico: gotcha

Magnifico: bye LF

LadyMustapha: So I'm limited in the amount of stuff I can do. The Whirlitzer is an ongoing project, and so is the S.C.A., but they're both usually not too intensive. Right now, both are.

little_Frieda: so I say to all fair thee well

LadyMustapha: Bye, Frieda. Talk to you tomorrow

Magnifico: grin

** little_Frieda fades away **


The next morning, when I checked my email, there was a letter from Robert Lorick. This is what he said:

i got bumped im afraid and couldnt get back in. i wanted to say goodnight and thanks. it was fun and perhaps we can do it again. please extend my best to everyone.

best, robert