LadyMustapha: This is a test

LadyMustapha: This is also another test which I am performing at this time

LadyMustapha: Hopefully, this should be less confusing in the long run than the other way around

LadyMustapha: .

Magnifico: Anyone here?

Dav555: Hello - this is Mojo

Magnifico: Greetings!

Dav555: It took awhile to get registered

LadyMustapha: Hello

Magnifico: I think you and are all that are here

Magnifico: ahh the good Mustapha is here too

Dav555: Well, I'm patient

LadyMustapha: I may be in and out, I'm having trouble with my connection tonight, but I'm here.

Dav555: Hello, Lady Mustapha

LadyMustapha: Hello, Mojo, welcome back. Sorry you had trouble signing in, but I think this chatroom may be better in the long run...

Magnifico: Dave, pardon me if someone asked this last time you visited, but what keeps you busy in rl when not painting and doing ZBS stuff?

Dav555: The words are hopping lines

Dav555: Okay, I work at a small school

LadyMustapha: Hhmmmmm......maybe we'd better go to the other chatroom??

Dav555: I run the after school program

Dav555: No, it's okay now

Magnifico: in Philadelphia?

Dav555: Yes, in the Mt Airy section

Magnifico: Do you teach or do admin type stuff?

Dav555: Both. I sub at times and I have an elective on cartooning

Magnifico: I think I read somewhere that you've occasionally done some art for ZBS?

Dav555: Yes, the cover for Mumbo Jumbo and some paintings for Tom

Magnifico: You also starred in Mumbo Jumbo, too right?

Dav555: Yep. I was Papa La Bas

Magnifico: it is too bad that ZBS doesnt' have the rights for that story, I loved it when I heard it

LadyMustapha: I haven't had the chance to hear it yet

Dav555: It was fun doing it with the Fritz

Magnifico: Did you work with Ishmael Reed in the production for Mumbo Jumbo, or did someone bring it to ZBS's attention, or?

Dav555: Someone brought it to Tom's attention as far as I know

Magnifico: Did you know Tom when 4th tower was being produced?

Dav555: Yes, I knew Tom before ZBS was born

Magnifico: wow

Dav555: He is an excellent friend

Magnifico: He has written that Mojo is pretty much based off of you and reading the previous chat log, it would seem that would be fair to say

Magnifico: How'd you two meet up?

Dav555: I met him here in Philly when he was doing radio shows

Dav555: Mojo is me

Magnifico: So I'm guessing some of the women Mojo refers to when talking with Jack are based on some of the women you've known?

Magnifico: ahh, you go by Mojo sometimes then?

Dav555: Only 1

Dav555: Some of my friends call me mojo

LadyMustapha: Ah, that's ever so much better! My computer's behaving itself!

Magnifico: Have you done as much physical traveling as in the stories, like having been to Morocco or Rio?

Dav555: No, I've never been outside the USA. I was a paratroop though

Dav555: I've leaped from 3,000 ft

Magnifico: Army?

Dav555: 101st Airborne

Magnifico: That could explain why you always seem so unphased by things, while Jack is always flustered (for lack of a better word).

Magnifico: but then, that would only be part of it

Dav555: Yeeahhh.:-)

Dav555: It depends on what I have to say

Magnifico: did your interest in voodoo come from childhood, or something you grew interested as an adult?

Magnifico: what you have to say, like the scripts or ?

Dav555: I became interested when I was a teen ager

Dav555: Yes, sometimes the script calls for different reactions

Magnifico: ahh right...

Dav555: Voodoo is only a part of life's mysteries

Magnifico: true

Dav555: The essence of Voodoo is like yoga

Magnifico: meditative?

Dav555: Raising the chakras

Magnifico: would you explain more?

Magnifico: what you have to s

Magnifico: chakras are the energy points in the body?

Dav555: Yes, try being aware of your entire spine and the point at the top of your head

Dav555: In time the chakras will open

Magnifico: this allows for the body and mind to reset, so to speak?

Dav555: Yes, there is an unmistakable physical sensation

Magnifico: can you compare it to anything?

Dav555: Not really, the closest is like a mild hum

Dav555: But a silent hum

Magnifico: so do you raise your chakras before painting for example?

Magnifico: to get focusing on what you want to project?

Dav555: The projecting is more mind and vision than physical

borak: hi folks

Magnifico: would then your painting be documenting what your mind sees?

Magnifico: Greetings

borak: dave, I enjoyed seeing your artwork in the astralwilderness site.

Dav555: The paintings do reflect what is seen on the surface

Dav555: Thanks, Borak

borak: it was easy to tell which were your paintings-you paintlike our voice!

Dav555: Hah, hah, that's nice.

borak: YOUR voice!

Dav555: I understand.

borak: do you find it rewarding to teach art to prisoners?

Magnifico: yes, I selected your link for paintings too as if by instinct

Dav555: I'm doing more of them now

Dav555: Teaching art to anyone is rewarding - but to prisoners, it is a two way lesson

Dav555: I learn what can be accomplished with solitude

borak: sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor; do you find the students receptive? and what do you take away from the experience?

Dav555: The students are surprised when I bring out their talent

Dav555: I love seeing their faces when the see their completed works

Magnifico: did you begin painting and illustrating when you were a teenager too?

Dav555: Yes, I started drawing when I was 7

Dav555: The painting and illustrating came with college

Magnifico: what college did you go to?

Dav555: The philadelphia College of Art

Dav555: 1956 - 1960

Magnifico: this is sort of a deeper question that really can come across, but here goes: in what ways has your art changed since college?

Dav555: I've learned to paint and I can almost create exactly what's in my mind

borak: You've been playing Mojo for a couple of decades now--has the part influenced you, or did you influence the character? Or both?

Dav555: More like both, because Tom sets the stage of action and I have to tell myself how to respond

borak: have you ever painted Mojo?

Magnifico: which would be pretty much a self-portrait?

Dav555: No, but a friend of mine did a portrait of me

Dav555: While I sat, I visualized myself as Mojo

borak: oh crikey, there's my ride--I have to go! Dave, I hope you'll come back here again, I'd love to talk to you more! thanks for your time and work!

Dav555: I'll be back Borak

Magnifico: You said earlier tonight that you are Mojo, this is pretty similar to what Robert said about being Jack

LadyMustapha: I don't want to startle anyone too much, but I've changed the settings on the chatroom (mid-chat, I know, it's a bit rude, but it was important). I don't know when they'll kick in

borak: great! bye!

Magnifico: That Jack is always there, and just starts becoming him more or less

LadyMustapha: I'm trying to get rid of the wallpaper, it seems to be causing some problems

Magnifico: oh LM, I didn't think you were still here, you've been so quiet

Dav555: Jack is a very interesting guy.

Magnifico: the character or Robert or both

LadyMustapha: Yeah, I've been here the whole time. I just can't get my computer to behave well enough for me to participate much

Dav555: I call him Jack because to me, he is Jack

Magnifico: unlike many characters, from what I've heard and read in these chats it would seem that you, Jack, and Casbah Kelly are all almost indistinguishable aspects of the person portraying

Magnifico: grin, sometimes when I'm listening I feel like I'm eavesdropping

Dav555: I think Tom has a special way of finding the right person for the character

Magnifico: or overhearing you two in a restaurant

Dav555: I've met most of them and they just fit

Magnifico: even with Laura's sort of split with being Ruby and the Madonna Vampyra?

Dav555: You've got to meet her - she's both

Dav555: All of your personalities are aspects of only you

Magnifico: the character sort of highlights one dominant aspect?

Dav555: Yes. It can depend on the situation or the need

Magnifico: whether it be mojo or a giant potted African violet...

Dav555: Oh, yeah. umgawa

LadyMustapha: Well, the wallpaper's disappeared on my monitor - how about the rest of you?

Magnifico: yes

Magnifico: thanks!

Magnifico: I always wondered, before I learnt more about you and tom, if mojo was 'created' as a reaction to Jives from 4th tower

LadyMustapha: Well, it's helping, but I'm still having trouble. But that definitely makes things noticeably easier

Magnifico: so here is a leading question... what do you think of zbs fandom as small as it is?

Magnifico: exclusive as LM likes to say =)

Dav555: IT's gone

LadyMustapha: :)

Dav555: I like the fandom - I get a chance to talk to my audience

LadyMustapha: I've found Crystalopus - he's trying to log in

Dav555: I don't know about Jives - Tom called and I said yes

Magnifico: Have you had much opportunity over the years?

Dav555: Yes, I've done quite a few

Dav555: They always fit in with my schedule

Magnifico: wow, in what sort of forums? *sulks wondering why he didnt' hear about it* =)

Magnifico: personally I'd love an auditorium or call-in

Dav555: Sometimes things happen because of the path you follow

crystalopus: ::in shock::

Magnifico: you made it!

LadyMustapha: You made it!

Dav555: Hello, crystapolus

crystalopus: but of course! quite easy when I signed up~

crystalopus: greetings, Mr. Adams~

crystalopus: ::waves at everyone else in the room::

Dav555: oops, Crystalopus

** LadyMustapha smiles **

crystalopus: quite fine, all may call me Alex if they want

Dav555: Internal Server Error?

Magnifico: usually a refresh clears it

crystalopus: eh?

Dav555: Well, it's okay now - hello, Alex

LadyMustapha: I'm so glad I found you and got you in here!

crystalopus: ::good afternoon, Dave(in particularly robotic voice)::

crystalopus: Thank you, Mustapha. :)

Magnifico: When we talked with Jack last week, he mentioned he wanted him to go to Egypt, you think Mojo would do well back in Africa?

Dav555: Hi, HAL

crystalopus: So, Dave... are you going to guest star as father Mojo or anyone in the upcoming Ruby? Or the new Jack Flander or Freida story?

Magnifico: er back in Africa?

crystalopus: Mojo? In africa?

Dav555: I would love to go to Egypt

crystalopus: me three...

Dav555: All is up to Tom

Magnifico: Is Casbah still around? it would be great to have a reunion of you two

crystalopus: heh... that would be really awesome

LadyMustapha: There are so many places in the world left to visit ........

Dav555: Still haven't located him

crystalopus: Haven't 'located' him? Is he hiding?

Dav555: 'Dreams of Cydonia'

Magnifico: he disappeared?

Dav555: Casbah is out on the West Coast somewhere

crystalopus: Cydonia?

crystalopus: ahh~

Dav555: Cydonia as in Mars

crystalopus: ::falls on floor:: what?

Dav555: It's the place on Mars with the face and a few other things

Magnifico: I think it is an area on Mars

crystalopus: few other things...?

Magnifico: ah ha

Dav555: Pyramids and stuff

crystalopus: man... I so wish I knew if remote viewing was a reality

crystalopus: abandoned, right?

Dav555: Long dead

crystalopus: yeah... you think there might be underground life?

Dav555: There is a good chance that some life survives today

crystalopus: what kind of life?

Dav555: Plant life and perhaps some small creatures

crystalopus: hmm... I love a good mystery

Dav555: The ruins don't look lived in or repaired

crystalopus: The pyramids? (what's the link to that site by the way?)

Dav555: Cyberspace Orbit

Dav555: The pyramids are broken and the domes are shattered

crystalopus: http: ?

crystalopus: ... domes?!

crystalopus: you can actually SEE this?

Dav555: Just Cyberspace orbit or the Enterprise Mission

Magnifico: some pictures of mars surface cleary shows this, while others make it seem less obvious

Dav555: There are over 57,000 pics of mars available on the web

crystalopus: umm... so... just http: or etc.?

Dav555: Mars Global Surveyor archives

crystalopus: why does it not show the email addresses I type?

Dav555: It takes time to go through all the photos but they are interesting

Magnifico: this chat doesn't like double slashes I believe

crystalopus: ahh. ::gets out pen::

Dav555: I have it on my favorite places

Dav555: Lunar Anomalies

crystalopus: Lunar Anomalies... what do you think happened to the two probes they sent to Mars?

Dav555: The Whole Mars Catalogue

Dav555: The probes landed and were claimed lost

Dav555: The situation is scientifically complex - a lot of ideas would change

crystalopus: is that official status? or did they land at all?

Magnifico: which probes are you refering too? the recent ones?

Dav555: The official report contained a lot of questions there were not answered

Dav555: The probes aimed at the Martian north pole

crystalopus: the only two from nasa ever sent, I believe

crystalopus: hrm. which questions?

Magnifico: there was two in 1976

Dav555: The excuse about metric and imperial measurements, the location of the probe, the mission design...

crystalopus: really? hrm.

Dav555: The ones in 1976 were the first probes and both were successful

Magnifico: Viking I and II

Dav555: The first picture of the face came from the 1976 viking mission

crystalopus: oh yeah!

crystalopus: Dave, where's your art site again? (still focused on mars)

LadyMustapha: try this: http:

Dav555: The thousand of other pictures have yet to be released

LadyMustapha: oh, you're right, it doesn't work


crystalopus: ahh... coolness: thanks.

LadyMustapha: http colon backslash backslash backslash mars

crystalopus: hey... I've found a new way of channeling energy, but I don't know what it's called

crystalopus: (thanks Mustapha)

LadyMustapha: It's weird, but it works....... I hope.......

Dav555: How do you do it?

crystalopus: Have you ever seen ravers dance?

Dav555: what's a raver?

Dav555: River Dance?

crystalopus: kids that go to big warehouses, dance all night, and listen to techno music

crystalopus: aka: liquid dancing

Dav555: Ah, I've heard of it

Dav555: Is that the energy?

crystalopus: you know how they seem to be rolling an invisible ball?

Dav555: Interesting - go on..

crystalopus: it seems to be energy. I feel a rather solid object that moves when I dance with it

crystalopus: well. I've discovered weird little things...

LadyMustapha: I've done something very similar, but not while dancing. I was able to see the energy as well as feel it

crystalopus: for instance. one day, after coming home from a particularly blah day of school, I layed down on my bed

crystalopus: (expound on that Mustapha)

crystalopus: While I was drifting off, I realized, one arm was drifting off the bed. When I moved my left hand slightly to the left, I could feel an imbalance of wait or energy in my right hand.

LadyMustapha: I was (we were) deliberately gathering energy from a circle of people to put up a defensive net

crystalopus: so... I started to experimenting with this... and I noticed that after I did particularly focused efforts while dancing, I could take one hand, open it on top of the other, and

LadyMustapha: We'd pass the energy from hand to hand around the circle, and the ball of energy got bigger and bigger each time it was passed on.

crystalopus: feel a slight energy crawling like a spider from the middle of my hand to the tips of my fingers

crystalopus: (you could actually see it?!)

crystalopus: lately, I've been experimenting with the most skeptical people I know

crystalopus: namely my mom. so, I tried it on her, and she reluctantly said she felt pressure... one friend said he felt coldness, and another felt ticklish. I always feel warmth.

Magnifico: Folks, I hate to burst in

crystalopus: that's about it

Magnifico: but I need to go, good evening all

crystalopus: no such thing in this chatroom

Magnifico: thanks for chatting Mojo!

crystalopus: good evening Magnifico!!!

Dav555: Goodnight, Magnifico

crystalopus: sweet dreams~

LadyMustapha: Good evening, and thanks for joining us, Magnifico!

Dav555: My pleasure

Dav555: Alex, the energy in the palm of your hand is a reality

Dav555: I practice using it a lot

LadyMustapha: Yeah, I was pretty surprised the first time I saw it, after that, it became pretty routine

Dav555: One hand project cold, the other, warmth

crystalopus: well... I had thoughts to it, but I haven't took it anywhere really

crystalopus: really? is it a set hand with cold and warm?

Dav555: Hold your hands as far apart as you can and try to feel the bar of energy between them

Dav555: Cold comes from my right hand - warmth from the left

crystalopus: yeah... that's what I felt the first time when I said it felt unbalanced when I moved my hands while laying down

crystalopus: hrm. are you left handed, or right brained, or, right handed, or left brained?

Dav555: If the room is dark, you can see it

Dav555: I'm one-brained - I use both hands

crystalopus: I have to try the cold/warm thing out on people... another thing I've been trying is making my hand completely still, no bones cracking, no skin moving, just complete stillness

crystalopus: but I haven't come close yet

LadyMustapha: You too? I'm ambidextrous, but I was raised as a rightie

crystalopus: is there a way to MAKE yourself one brained? (or in hemi-sync?)

crystalopus: I've been a south paw

Dav555: With people, tell them to hold their hand flat open and you pinch just above the palm as if you are pullling a small rubber band and then let it snap back

Dav555: I had a job at an publishing house and I had to draw a picture with my left hand - it came out so well I use both hands whenever I can.

crystalopus: wow. zow! what is the initial reaction???

crystalopus: god, man... I would like to be able to ambidextrize my life.

LadyMustapha: Yeah, I didn't find out I was ambi until I started learning to play the harp, and found I can't do that right-handed for the life of me......

Dav555: People say it feels as though you are pulling something out of them and it feel strange when it 'snaps back'

LadyMustapha: Do you do crossword puzzles?

crystalopus: uh uh.

Dav555: Just start using your other hand to write and be aware of how many times you use it during the day

Dav555: I've done crosswords puzzles for years

LadyMustapha: That's what I use to practice. I do crossword puzzles left-handed

Dav555: Hey, I think I'll try that - sounds neat and useful

crystalopus: hrm! it'll give me an excuse to crossword puzzles... I wonder why you're dominantly aware of one hand at first though

crystalopus: ::covers in fear::

Dav555: Oh, oh - it's the witching hour - got to go before the carriage turns into a pumpkin

LadyMustapha: Most people are assumed to be righties until they are proven to be lefties. So a lot of ambis are raised as righties

crystalopus: but wouldn't it taste good?

Dav555: It's been great again. I like the subjects and your

philosophies. I'll be back whenever you say

LadyMustapha: You gotta go? Well, thanks for coming and chatting again

crystalopus: are you guys good at geometry AND algebra by any chance?

crystalopus: oh~

LadyMustapha: It might taste good, but pumpkins get terrible gas mileage.....

crystalopus: :) yes, DO come back!

Dav555: My absolute pleasue, Lady Mustapha - you and alex and everyone

Dav555: chatters

crystalopus: have a great night, Dave... pleasure speaking with you for a second time

LadyMustapha: We enjoy having you here

Dav555: Ooop, that's great chatters. Good Night

crystalopus: G'night~ (dream of happiness)

LadyMustapha: I'll get in touch with you then, to set up another date

LadyMustapha: Bon soir!

crystalopus: And I'll keep practicing my energy movements

LadyMustapha: Just be careful, okay?

crystalopus: Hey, Mustapha, is there a list of the people on, because I never know who's on and off in this room

crystalopus: (me?)

LadyMustapha: Well, there was, but I turned it off. It was not very well set up, in my opinion, and caused more confusion than it solved

LadyMustapha: Yes, you

crystalopus: I see. Err. Read. :) That was most enjoyable! Thank you for scouting me out, Mustapha. Shall we stay and chat a small longer?

LadyMustapha: I think we're the only ones here, Alex. HEY! ANYBODY IN THIS CHATROOM, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!

crystalopus: What negative force could come out of me dancing and bouncing energy?

LadyMustapha: Sure, we can chat awhile longer.

crystalopus: Know what's strange? Everytime I do this liquid hand motion, it dries my hand up as if I've been washing dishes for an hour or so...

LadyMustapha: There are positive and negative forces everywhere. Just be careful.

LadyMustapha: Must be the heat.......

crystalopus: I know... otherwise there would be frame of reference

crystalopus: (I believe so)

LadyMustapha: :)

crystalopus: Speaking of which! You would not believe what happened Tuesday!

LadyMustapha: Oh? Tell tell.......

crystalopus: I suddenly realized all the selfish emotions I was having with the sudden change in my relationship with Emily.

crystalopus: Which knocked me outta socks, so to speak. I completely understood her... and I wrote her a letter explaining myself, and apologizing.

crystalopus: We seem to be on excellent terms now! Ahh!

crystalopus: Mustapha, I just remembered that I need to call her!

LadyMustapha: Do you need to go?

crystalopus: Yes... I don't want to break my word to a friend.

crystalopus: I had a lovely time, tonight though, and I feel positively refreshed.

LadyMustapha: All right, you'd better go then, that's important. See ya later! Glad you were here!

crystalopus: So goodnight, sweet dreams, and may your week be filled with happiness and realization~

crystalopus: Me three. :)

crystalopus: G'night, friend. Till' next post or chat!

LadyMustapha: Sayo!