Welcome to the Musty Dusty Archives!

Here we have the Deep Dark Secrets of the Ages gathered for... okay, not really. We have some stuff that's been collected over the years, that's all. A few treasures, some weird stuff, a bit of kooky things over there. Not a ton of "Wowie Zowie!" perhaps, but a stack of "Huh. Whadda ya know?" and maybe a "Whooda thunk it?" or two.


We do have a true treasure, the three editions of Zounds that ZBS put out before they had to cancel it because someone else was using that name. Silly reason to cancel a newsletter, eh? Oh well, I've been lucky enough to collect the text of three of them, and they're here for all to read. Just don't call them Zounds, and I think we'll all be okay! ;-)


We got Dave Adams and Robert Lorick (who play Mojo Sam and Jack Flanders, respectively, for those who don't know) to do a few chatroom sessions with us.


For those of you who've listened to the Fourth Tower of Inverness, you might be interested in the life regression pamphlet they offer during Jack's regression. Well I just happen to have a copy of the text to that right here!