Welcome to the Whirlitzer!

NOTE: If you're looking for the Circle of Hashibahbah, you're in the right place... sort of. I gave you almost the right address. I just forgot to put "forum" at the end of the URL. My total bad. It had been a long weekend, what can I say? The link to the Circle is: The Circle of Hashibahbah - MisCon Writer's Workshop Forum and if you don't know what that is, just keep on moving. If you've been invited there, you know what it is. If not, best you don't even ask. Because then we'd have to kill you, just like we had to kill Mr. Mollusk.

At least, I think we're the official fan site, since we're in the brochures and linked on the ZBS website...

The Whirlitzer of Wisdoms was established many years ago as a place for ZBS fans to gather and talk. The primary focus of the site is our discussion forums, but there are a few other tidbits lurking here and there in dark corners.

One of my dreams has long been to build up an "Encyclopaedia" of ZBS lore: cast lists, cover art, etc. for each story and so forth. This is a work in progress, and anything you can add would be greatly appreciated.

Mighty Atom (one of our regulars) is also working on doing much the same thing over on Wikipedia. He would also love help assembling ZBS facts and figures!