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 Post subject: The Circle of Hashibahbah - an explanation and definition
PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:25 am 
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Just in case you were wondering, the name "The Circle of Hashibahbah" comes from a radio story I'm particularly fond of. A fantasy world called the Land of Zoots is physically manifesting on the planet of Summa Nulla (the high point of nothing) and Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe is hired to discover why and how. The scene in which it's explained to her goes thusly:

Ruby: Who invented the Land of Zoots?

Mr. Mollusk: We did.

Ruby: We?

Mr. Mollusk: My colleagues and I.

Ruby: Well who are they, underwater creatures?

Mr. Mollusk: Some. We were The Circle of Hashibahbah.

Ruby: What's that?

Mr. Mollusk: Scholars.

Ruby: Why did you create Zoots?

Mr. Mollusk: Well I suppose it was just to see if we, a rather stuffy group of scholars, could invent a mythical land. Its languages, its art, its philosophy...

Ruby: It's a pretty bizzarre fantasy you've created.

Mr. Mollusk: It was merely a playful diversion.

Ruby: Hmmm. Who were the others?

Mr. Mollusk: Well, I doubt they're alive.

Ruby: Well there wasn't a book or a movie or anything like the Wizard of Oz, how did it become part of our popular culture?

Mr. Mollusk: Well no one knows.

Ruby: Oh, come on!

Mr. Mollusk: Well you see, brief articles began to appear, there were references in works of fiction, but not written by us. And people, apparently, were eager to hear more, and more would spontaneously appear.

Ruby: Someone was leaking it!

Mr. Mollusk: No, we all took the oath of silence, the Oath of Hashibahbah. Once the Land of Zoots began to appear then writers, poets, painters were inspired and they continued the creation. And now it's manifesting on these islands.

Ruby: And you don't know who's behind that? Or who is the Wizard of Zoots?

Mr. Mollusk: Our creation had no "wizard!"

Ruby: Well did he invent himself?

Mr. Mollusk: Ruby, there are forces on this world that will not allow our fantasy to continue. You are in a critical position. Consider your allegiance.

Ruby: My allegiance is to myself!

Mr. Mollusk: Excellent.

Ruby: You think so?

Mr. Mollusk: Always listen, Ruby.

Ruby: To what?

Mr. Mollusk: To your heart, Ruby. To your heart.

Anyway, though we may not be stuffy scholars, I consider us to be a group of creative people who have come together to create fantasies - the Circle of Hashibahbah. Hence the name.



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